Olympics: Latest from the NYT

Checking in with the New York Times again, as they’re proving tough to keep up with, bloggingly speaking.

The New Olympic Stars of Twitter.

First goal for the U.S. women vs. Japan, with commentary by Bob Bradley.

How every Olympic long jump medalist ever compares to Beamon.

A glance at the records that have been broken.

The NYT trying to acquire Olympic pins using NYT pins. Nice video.

And, a few pages.

A1 from Bolt’s 200 domination.

US soccer wins gold.

Wayne Kamidoi writes about the decathlon:

Jed Jacobsohn spent the last two days chronicling the decathlon. Fortunately, Ashton Eaton won the gold as he captured him in all 10 of the events.

Bolt in the sports section.

The Twitter page inside.

We’re sprinting toward the finish. Share any work these last few days with [email protected] When the Olympics are gone, so are we!

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