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Before we get to the Globe, I’d be remiss if I did not direct you to the latest explanatory graphic from the online folks at the New York Times. The link is here. It’s a breakdown of the medal count, by just about every possible method of calculating. It can be adjusted for population, and you can compare 2008 vs. 2012.

There’s plenty of praise going around for it, and well-deserved, as it is quite possibly the most informationally-packed and technically thorough live infographic we will see from U.S. outlets during the Games.

That said, does anyone look at this graphic and feel overwhelmed? Does the amount of information in that presentation overtop the dam of clarity, especially at first glance? We’ll pose that question at the SportsDesigner facebook page in a bit. “No” is of course a fine answer to those questions.

Boston Globe Olympics Graphics

An ongoing theme in the SND Digital Competition last winter was the rise of video infographics, and the Globe turned out a thorough one breaking down women’s weightlifting techniques.

Find the graphic here. Credit the graphic to Monica Ulmanu and Dave Butler.

The accompanying print centerpiece is above. Thanks to Luke Knox for sharing.

Another Globe graphic on the history of judo medals is below. Note the flow of the graphic as you scroll. Responsive graphics were another theme of the digital competition earlier this year.

Find the graphic here.

 A couple of other pages.

Thursday’s Buffalo News

Thursday’s Detroit Free Press.

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