Olympics: Catching up with the Times and more

From all I have seen (which admittedly is just about enough for an ill-formed opinion), the Times of London is standing out among the print publications in the UK this fortnight-plus. A few pages, fronts and otherwise, from the past week:

Sunday’s front page.

Saturday’s front page

Saturday souvenir poster.

Bradley Wiggins wins gold. Headline pays “trib”-ute, if you know what I mean.

Wiggins souvenir poster.

And a few U.S. pages.

Friday’s Chicago Tribune front page. Shared by Kenney Marlatt.

Saturday’s Boston Globe Olympics front. Design by Luke Knox.

Sunday’s Detroit Free Press London page. Design by Ryan Ford, who writes:

And finally, after approximately 13 years of Freep stories on the kid from Baltimore who ended up being adopted by Ann Arbor, we’ve come to the end of the line for Michael Phelps.

And hey, he turned his medal count up to 22, so it seemed like the least we could do was turn up the presentation up to 11 by knocking off a second or third story and our usual gizmo of what to watch at the Olympics. (Especially since the first ad of the Olympics was forcing some changes for the Sunday section anyway.)


Sunday’s Buffalo News Olympics front, designed by Vince Chiaramonte.

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