Countdown to Cleveland: Sign up now for a weekend of inspiration, ideas and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

You have a little more than a month to make plans to join the best and brightest visual journalists in the world as they descend upon Cleveland for SNDCLE, the 24th Annual SND Workshop and Exhibition. On the menu, inspiration, tech training and a chance to get a career spark in a beautiful city that’s an easy car trip from virtually everywhere in the U.S.

The workshop is Oct. 11-13. Register here.

Register for the special hands-on iPad graphics garage workshop here.

This will be a very different SND workshop with 100 percent less rubber chicken and 100 percent more inspiration. Check out the schedule and speakers here.

Keep an eye on our relaunched site for everything you need to know to get your trip ready, as well as a few changes we’ve made to the traditional workshop setup.

This is going to be a hell of a party and you should be a part of it. So, take a moment and register. You’ll be glad you did. And if you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

About Michael Tribble

SND Region 4 director, 2012 workshop host, SND AME for digital and online, The Plain Dealer in Cleveland


by Dottie and Carol. We are getting into our new house right after the first of the year and we have LOTS of room for you.P.S. I REALLY know what you mean about the light thing when it comes to puzzle. The main reason I like the 500 piece puzzles is that I can actually SEE some of the pieces.

You’ve sure got a lot of spare time for lengthy send-ups of Mitch and Caroline, Joel …. . . for an e-journalist who plans “other blogs” [Nov. 30 post], monitors the future of newspapers, keeps an eye on the auto industry rescue and watches for bad government.Just sayin’ those two hardly seem worthy targets.

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