The view from London: 24 hours to go, let the Games begin

The London Olympics are virtually upon us. Not discounting the Women’s Football which saw Team GB thrash New Zealand 1-0, now its the real deal. So many people, so much heat. And plenty ado across print and digital media.

Metro, the city’s most successful freesheet with a circulation of 3.8 million, will print seven days a week – up from the usual five. They will also publish two tablet editions every day, and have created created an ‘Olympic channel’ on its website which will push content across its mobile apps.

Likewise over at the Daily Telegraph, by signing up for their new app, the 5pm Games edition will contain news, images and previews of the evening’s action. A handy note to all concerned; most tube stations are powered with Virgin Wifi.

As well as a stream of live blogs and print supplements, The Guardian is promising a number of digital innovations. Following its digital-first strategy, the multimedia trailblazer has created a number of interactive features to supplement the 60 journalists who will be covering the games “on the ground” according to Press Gazette.

Even the pubs are planning to cash in. The Greyhound, a boozer positioned ten yards away from Daily Mail HQ in Kensington Square, wants punters and those of thirst to join them in celebrating the “opening ceremony of the Summer Games” live on a big screen.

And what of the athletes? The Guardian featured a cracking piece, extracted from ESPN, which was bordered with Olympic Ring colored condoms on Tuesday headlined “Party hard and do some groping” – a quote attributed to Australian footballer Alicia Ferguson. What? Shouldn’t “my body is a temple” kind-of-chap-and-chapesses refrain from late night shenanigans? Apparently not – the Olympic village is a hive of debauchery.

Gulp! And that is not all says Breaux Greer of the Italians “they leave the doors open, so you look in and see dudes in thongs running in circles around each other”…

Crikey. Thanks heavens I’ll be watching from my armchair.

Michael Agar is the SND regional director for the city of London, and for the entire UK.

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