Olympics Preview Roundup II

Some pretty stellar work in a lot of readers’ hands today. So start here and click your way around the thumbnails, or read on for some details about each.

Times of Oman

Adonis Durado shared some graphics that are on par with the paper’s 2010 World Cup preview, which some SND32 judges thought was the best work in at competition.

Links to individual pages are here:

Fun Begins
Medal History
The World’s a Stage
Summer Sports

Los Angeles Times

Check them out individually:

Water Polo
Beach Volleyball

First, yes, the covers were distributed roughly evenly throughout the LAT’s circulation area. Design was by Derek Simmons.

But there’s a bit more with these. These pages are interactive. They are integrated with the Times’ new id app for Android and iPhone. Go here. Download the app.

Point the app at an iD active page, and hit the camera button. It’ll read the photo and ask if you want to activate the content. Say YES and you’ll be taken to photo galleries AND video galleries. Give it a try with one of the PDFS from the LAT’s section. Thanks to Michael Whitley for sharing.

Meanwhile, the Times’ Framework blog takes you up close with the photography on this project, complete with video.

Chicago Tribune

That’s 529 cutouts. For a closer look:

Illustration details

Thanks to Jonathon Berlin (full disclosure: SND president Jonathon Berlin) and Kenney Marlatt for sharing.

Berlin’s insight into the mammoth undertaking:

ME for sports Mike Kellams had the idea that we could take the entire U.S. team and put them on a British flag with the notion of London Calling. We thought it would be epic if we could secure a wrap-around cover and spent a little bit of time thinking through how we would do it and what it could be.
With the help of the incredible graphics department (Max Rust, Alex Bordens, Kyle Bentle, Rick Tuma, Katie Nieland, Jemal Brinson, Alex Helbach and Chad Yoder) we divided up the spreadsheet of the U.S. team and hunted down images of every athlete from wire services and by calling the teams themselves. We assigned cutouts in groups of 20 or so and we marched through the entire team.
We took the images into a massive 500+ layer photoshop file and started to position them alphabetically in a rough grid so we could get a good mix of sports. We tweaked the contrast and overlayed the flag image, then went in and played around with layering right up until deadline which just happened to be 3 a.m. for a preprint.
Chuck Burke, Dan Mann, Joe Knowles and almost the entire sports and news copy desks helped make sure everything was on time and correct. The copy desk stayed until well into the week hours checking the photos and confirming the key.

Washington Post

Section front

That design was by Christian Font, with a D.C. art house commissioned for the illustration.

From the Post’s graphics department comes the following.

Interactive breakdown of gymnastics scoring
The evolution of swimsuit technology
A heat and rain retrospective on the 1948 London Olympics

Thanks to Brian Gross for the tipoff.

New York Times

The Times used motion capture images to create breakdowns of individual races, and the techniques required to win them.

For example:

The 100M butterfly
The hurdles
The vault
Relay handoffs.

No. This isn’t the last we hear of the Times. Thanks to Wayne Kamidoi for sharing.

This post was exhausting. More this weekend.

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