Olympics Preview Roundup I

Leading with the disclaimer. The Games are worldwide. I am 6-1, which by the old adage that you’re as wide as you are tall, I am six, feet, one inches wide. The Olympics are greater than I can blog, certainly without help. I’ll reach out where I can, of course, but I can’t get to everything and shouldn’t be assumed otherwise. So please share your work, print and online, with me at [email protected]

Jumping right into a bevy of preview covers and pages, crediting where possible.

Boston Globe, Preview cover and TV guide.

Luke Knox design; Martin Gee illustration.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Andrea Levy illustration, Emmet Smith design.

Buffalo News

Andrea Zagata design

Time Magazine (one of five covers)

Tampa Bay Times

Jen Hiatt design, art by Ringling College of Art and Design student Chelsey Curtin

Detroit Free Press

Ryan Ford Design

Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Shared by Adam Sparks

Scranton Times-Tribune

Adrenalina (Excelsior)

Shared by Erik Knobl

The Gulf News

Douglas Okasaki design

Seattle Times

Rich Boudet design

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Bob Timmons design.

Later tonight, a look at a multiple-version cover by the Los Angeles Times, web graphics from the New York Times, and a 529-cutout front from the Chicago Tribune

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