Olympics: London Interactives (Plus One)

Staying digital today, and staying in London (with an exception at the end), for a look at visuals that the host nation’s national papers are turning out.

The Guardian

A breakdown of where every athlete in the 2012 Games is from, by sport, country and gender.

Using Emoto and Twitter to gauge up-to-the-second emotional reactions to the Olympics.

London’s Olympic Park: Before and after sliders around the venues.

A retro interactive: Could you be a medalist?

Was an Olympic record set today? (Includes world records). Answers by date, sport and record.

The Guardian’s Olympics interactive graphics hub is here.

The Independent

An interactive Olympic guide, by event. (Bottom of Olympics page)

The Telegraph

An 8-bit re-enactment of Greg Louganis’s head-meets-board dive.

Do host nations benefit in the medal table?

A fantastic shot of Lochte from one of the Telegraph’s photo galleries.

The Telegraph’s infographics hub is here.

The Sun

That’s a headline. The Sun has new headlines every day here.

And a bonus, from the U.S.

Sunday’s Buffalo News Olympics front, designed by Vince Chiaramonte.

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