Olympics Front Pages: Opening Ceremonies

Figuring we’ll have 17 days to get into sports pages, apps and photography, today seems like a good day for a rundown of A1 presentations from the opening ceremonies. Unless noted, these pages are from Newseum.

But first: Share your Day 1 sports pages and digital presences with me at [email protected], including your presentation of Lochte’s domination of the 400IM.

Leading off, from England

The Guardian:

The Times of London:

From around the world

The National (Dubai)

Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)

La Vanguardia (Spain)


National Post

La Presse

United States

Buffalo News

Orange County Register

Des Moines Register

Chicago Sun-Times

Kansas City Star(.)

Have a good weekend, and again, share work with us at [email protected]

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