Olympics Day 2 Coverage: Drama and Upsets

We’re going to be all over the map today, looking at how a few significant events were presented today: The rather shocking two-and-out elimination of the Spanish soccer team (loss Sunday to Honduras ensures they will not advance); the dramatic come-from-behind win by the French in the 4×100 relay, and a look at an English-language outlet in China, what with the Chinese currently atop the medal standings and all.

Honduras upsets Spain

The Honduran paper La Prensa’s front page today.

Diario de Sevilla’s elimination A1. The paper’s photo gallery also has some pretty despondent shots of the national team after the loss.

Malaga Hoy’s rather powerful dejection shot leads their front today.

(The above pages are from the Newseum)


The French all-sports newspaper is offering up plenty of interesting visuals on its web site as well.

The paper has a constantly-updated photo gallery, including images from the French 4×100 men’s relay team rallying past the U.S. and Ryan Lochte for gold on Sunday.

The interactive guide to the Games, by day, sport and venue, is one of the most practical infographics I have seen on the Olympics yet.

For that matter, L’Equipe’s home page has a pretty useful, guide to the day’s events as well.

China Daily

With the Chinese atop the medal standings early, it’s a good opportunity to check out the China Daily’s Olympics page, and the design that went into it. The site takes content that just about all of us have access to — news, reaction, standings, blogs, social media — and not only makes it clean and easily navigable, but visually appealing in the design as well. Take a stroll through it, top to bottom.

And one from over here

Ryan Lochte hails from Daytona Beach, and here’s the News-Journal’s presentation Sunday of Lochte’s first gold medal. Thanks to Scott Turick for sharing.

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