You voted, here’s the winner! Check out your 33rd Edition cover art

The masses – and by that I mean 784 of you – have spoken, and entry No. 21, designed by Hugo Sanchez, will grace the cover of the 33rd annual SND Best of News Design book. Congratulations to Hugo and to all the artists who submitted such an incredible array of choices.

Cover No. 21 received 230 votes in the final round, good for 29% of the total. Cover No. 30 finished second, with 174 votes (22%); Cover 13 finished third with 137 votes (17%).

Our winning artist is from Mexico, studied Design and Visual Communication at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, and worked for seven years at RECORD, the Mexico City sports newspaper that won consecutive World’s Best-Designed awards from SND, and is now at the Gulf News in Dubai. You can see more of his work at and

I asked Hugo about his experiences and cover art inspiration:

COOLEST DESIGN PROJECT: “I spent seven years at RECORD, five of them as the editor of infographics, then as editor of design for the newspaper and magazines that belonged to the RECORD brand. I designed, illustrated and made graphics on all kinds of stuff, but one of the most interesting and odd, was the redesign of a logo for SATMEX, a satellite company in Mexico. The logo was put on the rocket during the launch event in France and I can say that my work is in the space right now!”

WORKING OVERSEAS: “After RECORD, I took a sabbatical period from newspapers. I worked for an independent studio called FLOW, in Mexico City. I found in 3D modeling complexity a funny challenge to continuously find a way represent in an accurate way the world.
“Three years later I received news about a job of graphic artist in Dubai, in a very known and respected newspaper called Gulf News and I decided to apply for the spot with the Design Director Miguel Gomez. At the end was a really hard decision, change all my life for complete, traveling to the other side of the world and separated from my really beloved ones, you know.
“So, since three months ago I’ve been living in Dubai and working with a team of really talented and awarded people from several countries. One of my goals is to mix the two worlds that I well know, due the potential that the 3D tool has aside the infographic production, and of course enjoy the ride and the colors in this multicultural and stunning place.”

ENTERING THE COVER COMPETITION: “What a better way to come back to the newspaper business after three long years, than this competition?! I saw it as a really good chance.”

GENESIS OF THE IDEA: “I wanted to represent a voting session, but I didn’t want to use the cups, because someone else could use that, and in fact, that happened. “So I thought in an ambient that could be the apartment of a SND member or the meeting room but with a warm ambience. Someone put each one of the newspapers over the wall to start the analysis. Behind the take, I can hear the voices that argue, which newspaper deserve the honor to be the World’s Best Designed or receiving a medal?

“The last editions of SND books around the room help the judges as reference material. And to finalize the idea, the projector focuses the discussion to a common point. The light must produce a good contrast to enhance the reading of the cover.”

WHAT HE THOUGHT ABOUT HIS CHANCES: “There were really amazing ideas. I thought that it would be difficult to beat some of them, but I was convinced that I had sent a competitive design, that I could promote to gain votes.”

HOW HE PULLED IT OFF: “I used all the social networks available, and this will sound as a cliché from a politician, but WE WON!!! The victory is definitely for everybody! Family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances from me and every one of them, they saw the ads I made with the Cover and took the time to enter the SND page and voted. Thanks to everyone!”

CAN HE TOP IT? “That’s the most exciting and challenging part of being a designer. It never is your best work; the best design always is yet to come.”

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