SNDCLE: Tell us who you want to see in Cleveland this fall

On October 11, 2012, visual journalists from around the world will gather in Cleveland at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the opening reception of SNCLE — the SND 34th Annual Workshop. But right now, we’re busy building two days worth of inspiration, innovation, ideas and incredible speakers that will follow the opening night celebration. We’ve got sessions ranging from rock ‘n’ roll designers to multimedia magicians with several stops in between. But as we build, we’d also like to hear more from you. Got a topics or speaker that you’d be interested in seeing in Cleveland? Is there a new technology, philosophy or experience you’d like to learn about or a particular expert that you’re dying to hear from? Let us know. Send an email to [email protected] today and help us build a show that will help us all get amped up about the art of visual journalism.

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SND Region 4 director, 2012 workshop host, SND AME for digital and online, The Plain Dealer in Cleveland


I’d love to learn more about tablet design, specifically mag+ (or whatever technology is being used by the time the fall rolls around). something hands on.

I’m game for anyone who can talk about the creative process and really make that who topic come to life. Always a draw, at least for me.


I would love to see and speak with magazine designers. As much as I am currently a newspaper designer, magazine is where my focus has been since college.

I also agree with Julie, I’d like some hands on things with tablet software.

I agree with Julie. Tablet design will def. be on my mind. From which apps rock, to which tools are the best for design… And can anyone please tell my why there are different price structures for Quark and Indesign as far as per issue upload goes?

I would love a session from Richard Turley about the amazing, creative work Bloomberg Biz does!

I’d love to be seeing more sessions on interactive recipes. Say, I have two cups of rice, a whole chicken and brown sugar … what to make? Newspaper or tablet machine has yet to answer.

A little late, but in both 2009 and 2011, the judges was pointing at the lack of good photojournalism in the submitted work in the competition. In the epilogue last year the judges wrote:
Quote: “mid all our positive observations, we became concerned about the state of photojournalism in the pages we saw. We missed emotional photographs. Glossy magazines and newsprint pages with vast, luxurious expanses of space were largely devoid of powerful photojournalism.

The lack of strong, documentary images puzzled us. We wondered if this has something to do with reduced investment. The industry has lost so many positions for picture editors and others, and yet great photographs can’t be made without time, care and commitment. Perhaps in places where the work is being done, print space to showcase it is no longer available.

Having had the luxury of seeing hundreds of papers in the last few days, we’d like to raise a red flag on this issue. It’s one of print’s great powers to enable users to savor moments captured in the best photos. How can we recapture and deliver this value to readers?”

Speakers which can adress these issues would be interesting. Is this the photojournalists fault? The editors? The designers? The owners? What can be done to cope with this?

Many interesting questions….

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