SND 33: Choose your favorite award book cover

Judges from across the globe met earlier this year in Syracuse and Muncie. They poured over thousands and thousands of print and digital entries. Now as the winners are assembled in SND’s Annual Best of News Design book, here’s your chance to be the judge: of the book’s cover. For the first time ever, SND is letting the design community vote on the cover of the book.

Designers dove into the challenge of making the book cover and came up with some stunning ideas. Pick your favorite from the survey below. Here are the details:

  • Please vote for one (1) of the following submissions — which cover do you want to see on the front of the 33rd edition of the Best of News Design?
  • You are limited to one vote per day.
  • You vote by selecting the cover itself.
  • Voting will close on Thursday, April 5, at 5 p.m. EDT. The top 5 vote getters will move on to a final round.
  • The final round voting will be posted soon after that, from which the final winner will be chosen.

    UPDATE (Friday, April 6): The poll has been closed, thank you all for your comments and selections. We’ll post finalists for the run-off later today.



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Very confusing site for end users, the slide show numbering doesn’t correspond to the numbering of the voting entries (makes it difficult to refer by number).

I think the concept of free-expresion, human rights, freedom, liberty is so powerfull, this cover is clever.

26. Love the gradual transition from smooth line to pixels, subtle in suggestion of our transition from print to digital communication.

@Lupita, @DJ: Apologies, we tried to assemble the visual poll very quickly and had a much bigger response than anticipated. We felt it was important to let everyone vote on all the entries, so there was no weeding out or thinning down of the entrants. Thanks for you participation and comments.

UPDATE: We’ve updated the slideshow to match the poll choice numbers based on some good feedback (to be clear, the sequence of entries changed only in the slideshow, not in the poll choices). Sorry for any confusion that might have caused. Remember, you can vote once a day for your favorite cover; there will be a run-off of the top-voted covers.

i have a feeling that this competition is going to be a reality tv show. popularity vote is mob rule!

I agree with Richard, let’s be serious on this and push for options that make sense, otherwise this will become just an ego exercise..

It is #9 hands down! Simple, grabs you in 10 seconds, no cliches, noting busy nor tired nor seen. Most importantly , we dispense information in a variety of containers and let users pick throne that suits them best. I drink to this one, straw and all.

The concept of # 21 is not that great for these 3 reasons:

1. A great cover should have an “intrinsic quality” that cannot be replicated. This cover doesn’t — change the number 33 to 34 or 35 — or to 50! — you can still reconsider. A great cover is something that exploit the innate possibilities of something that you cannot duplicate in future covers.

2. The whole image looks too plastic or fake — you can instantly tell that the projected text “SND 33” is a Photoshop layer. And looking at it too close, I felt that it looks too contrive.

3. The designer is not sensitive to the nuances of typography — poor choice of typeface and the type setting (using various font weight and size) looks a bit awkward.

26 is ok BUT we have too many minimalistic covers already — case in point, SND 31 and 29 (hardcover edition). i want to see cover that we’ve not seen before!

What a tough decision. I’ve looked through them twice, and agree with many on here that 21 is my favorite. Love the colors, love the font selection, love the vintage feel. No. 9 is very good, too.

Hello Management
Do you stop voting?
Or there is a problem
Because I cant Vote
I’m trying since yesterday and the problem still!!!

Been trying to vote, but I think our outdated browsers at work are causing some troubles for me. Some amazing submissions, and what a turnout!

I really like 9, 26 and 33.

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