SND33: Winner-tracker™

Winner 700

Overall design of three editions of the food magazine

Winner 650

MAGAZINE, SPECIAL SECTION: Go Gamecocks (South Carolina), “National Champions”
A magazine about the South Carolina college baseball team

Winner 600

INFORMATION GRAPHICS: Jan Schwochow, Paul Blickle, Katharina Stipp and Lukas Engelhardt, INGRAPHIC
A set of graphics on the damage at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan.

Winner 550

PAGE DESIGN PORTFOLIO (SPORTS): Emmet Smith, Cleveland Plain Dealer
Six sports pages

Winner 500

SPECIAL COVERAGE FEATURES: Tampa Bay Times, “If I die young”
A special section about drug addiction.

Winner 450

NEWS PAGE (OTHER): El Heraldo (Colombia), “Nine home runs in the movies”
A doubletruck looking at Moneyball and whether it is the best baseball movie of all time.

Winner 400

FEATURE PAGE (OTHER): Cape Code Times (Mass.), “When ‘Never Events’ Happen”
Health page illustration on wrong-site surgery

Winner 350

NEWS PAGE DESIGN: Times of Oman, “Deepening chasm”
Page and graphic about how the economic miracle eludes Germany’s lowest paid

Winner 300

INSIDE NEWS PAGE: Washington Post, “U.S. Open doubletruck”
Photo, story and graphics covering golf’s major at Congressional

Winner 250

PHOTO PORTFOLIO (Individual): Sebastian Suarez, El Diario de Hoy (El Salvador), “Bejuqilla in captivity”
How the species lives in Mexico and Central America.

Winner 200

LOCAL SECTION NEWS PAGE: SÍNTESIS, (Puebla, Mexico) “Report on breast cancer”
Story and graphic on breast cancer that discusses causes and detection methods

Winner 150

Story and photos covering the famine in Africa

Winner No. 100

SPORTS PAGE DESIGN: Al Bayan (Dubia, UAE), “Dubai World Cup: Striking a balance”
The page shows how a jockey rides a horse

First silver medal

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY: The State (South Carolina), “In her memory”

WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: “This portrait is not only technically good, but it also uses different angle. It’s a brave thing for the photographer to move away from the in-your-face, pitch-perfect, conventional way of doing a sports portrait.”


Winner No. 50

FEATURES PAGE DESIGN, LIFESTYLE: Politiken (Copenhagen, Denmark)

The page is about different personalities on Facebook

Winner No. 1

The first winner of SND33: Welt Kompakt

NEWS PAGE DESIGN: Welt Kompakt (Berlin)
The page is about a new carnival in Cologne.

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