What the judges are saying at SND33

Round 2 goes fast and furious

Overheard in the Waverly Room, some observations from the judges as they choose their favorites and eliminate others:

“Unbelievably exact and not at all dull.”

“The stories are all the same length. They aimed for consistency but it worked against them.”

“I really got drawn into it. You talk about the content you want to read in a weekly like that, and boy do they nail it.”

“There was edginess to it, a lot of great fluidity throughout the book.”

“I thought the inside pages were better than the cover.”

“I love the urgency of this.”

“I though the covers were a little messy but once I got inside there was great typography.”

“Remarkably consistent front to back. I love the variety of story forms.”

“It’s very good.” “But if feels like it’s 10 years ago.”

“I voted for this one, but the news photography was often shoe-horned into the space.”

“It’s not exciting, but it’s solid.”

“This one didn’t wear too well. I liked it better yesterday.”

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is design editor of the Hearst Connecticut Newspapers and 2015 president of the Society for News Design.

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