VIDEO: The discussion and judging process behind SND33’s first gold medal

The first gold medal of SND33 was awarded by the news team on Sunday morning in the business page design category. The Washington Post page features an alternative story form with the headline “Tablet shopping: Who’s been nice?” In this video, judges of the news team discuss the page and vote.

Judges’ comments:
“They took one of the most pedestrian story ideas we deal with on a regular basis — a shopper’s guide, a consumer buying piece — and turned it into a fantastic feat. To take something as static as a news page and make it this interactive is amazing. There’s not a flaw in the storytelling. The writing is spectacular. The graphic is dense but easy to follow. It’s fun to trace the flow chart through all the possible paths. It’s so helpful, you’d want to keep it as a guide while you’re shopping. The translation from the initial idea to the final execution is spectacular.”

See the full details of the gold winning page here.

(Video by Mitchell Franz, Syracuse University)

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