SND33: What the photo judges are seeing, voting for

An award-winning photo entry on hunger in Africa, from the Danish newspaper Politiken.

Staffan Lowstedt, Sweden: A few papers are sticking out in each category, and it’s the same papers. There’s a lot of very technically good work, but it’s hard to find the few that go beyond that. We’re all trying to overlook print quality and just see the work.

Adonis Durado, Oman: My bias is for photography that unfold the story. There are a lot of excellent photos, it’s difficult to pin down which is the best, especially since we all have such diverse backgrounds.

Mike Albano, New York: What’s great is REALLY great, there’s just not a lot of it. The photos that you cannot stop looking at, but they are very few. They are the ones that get at the emotions.

Steve Layton, Indiana: It’s good to see some papers are still willing to devote a good amount of space to special projects and storytelling. At least once or twice a year, anyway. You still see what we are capable of.

Roxanne Sorooshian, Scotland: There are real differences in the types of stories being told, depending on where you live. In the U.S. it seems stories can be smaller in scope, more detailed, more human interest. The knee-jerk is to always go with the big stuff. It’s interesting to see how American papers drill down deeper.

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