SND33: Live in Muncie, Best of Digital Design judging begins

Digital design coordinator Ryan Sparrow discusses an entry with judge Chrys Wu

Welcome to the Society for News Design’s digital competition, live from Ball State University in Muncie, Ind. Thirteen judges and a bevy of hardworking students have gathered to recognize excellence in design and usability of digital news design, information graphics and photography.

We’ll take a closer look at the judges later this weekend, but here’s a preview of who is here.


Jonathon Berlin, Chicago Tribune and SND president

Brian Ellcierto, The Globe and Mail

Chiqui Esteban,

Jennifer George-Palilonis, Ball State University

Jeremy Gilbert, Northwestern

Joey Marburger, The Washington Post

Ryan Mark, Chicago Tribune

Sara Quinn, Poynter Institute

Rob Schneider, The Dallas Morning News

Will Sullivan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

David Wright, NPR

Ben Wuersching, The Guardian

Chrys Wu, Matchstrike



Stephanie Stamm 

Chelsea Kardokus 

Tiffany Reusser 

Valerie Carnevale 

Stephanie Meredith 

Liz Spangler 


Emily Chow  

Rebecca Lai  

Hilary Fung


Ryan Sparrow, Ball State University

The judges are reviewing 470 entries from all around the world in categories that span Web site design, graphics, photography and video, breaking news and extended coverage, mobile and app design.

At the end the judges will select the World’s Best Designed News site and apps, which include submitted entries and those nominated by other journalists.

Stay tuned for more from Muncie.

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