SND33: Digital design competition Day 2

SND President and Digital Design judge Jonathon Berlin chews on some entries Saturday morning.

The judges are hard at work in Muncie judging the wonderful work in the Best of Digital Design.

This morning they will finish judging the largest category — single-story project. On Friday, judges gave the first awards of the competition in this category and also judged the Redesigns category.

Next, judges will move on to “Section or Topic” and “Best Student-Driven Website/App”

Today, we will post:

  • Bios of the 13 judges
  • Some winning entries
  • Q&A’s with judges
  • Overheard in Muncie (where judges talk about trends they are seeing and why work is winning or not winning)

About Rob Schneider

is creative director at the Dallas Business News and immediate past-president of SND.

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