Sixth Gold medal: Bloomberg Businessweek’s Steve Jobs photo timeline

Bloomberg Businessweek has won a Gold medal for its cover story after Steve Jobs’ death. The entry starts on the cover and runs for 18 straight pages.

Here’s what the judges had to say about the entry:

This is a succinct summation of Steve Jobs’ impact on society through the use of photos and Jobs’ quotes to create an unconventional timeline. It shows how these products Jobs created are embedded in every day life. It gets to the essence of the subject more than a a lot of words could. To think that the idea generation, photo editing and execution were done on deadline, makes this a home run. This kind of storytelling device which continued from the cover through several pages inside makes a huge editorial statement. A magical touch is how the piece ends on the topic of family, which was so important to Jobs — something we later found out in the biography released after his death. This meets every meaning of the definition of Gold.

Here’s who worked on the pages:

  • Richard Turley, creative director
  • David Carthas, director of photography
  • Cynthia Hoffman, design director
  • Robert Vargas, art director
  • Jennifer Daniel, graphics director
  • Chandra Illick, designer
  • Shawn Hasto, designer
  • Maayan Pearl, designer
  • Lee Wilson, designer
  • Evan Applegate, graphics
  • Kenton Powell, graphics
  • Donna Cohen, photo editor
  • Jamie Goldenberg, photo editor
  • Emily Keegin, photo editor
  • Diana Suryakusuma, photo editor

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