Second gold medal: Times of Oman’s Ramadan tiled poster

The second gold medal of SND33 was awarded to the Times of Oman for a 28-page tiled poster celebrating Ramadan. Charles Apple has an excellent behind-the-scenes look here.

The judges had this to say about the entry:

This is not a new idea, but it is very difficult to do — and this one is done so well. Each day is an easy read, but it also fits together seamlessly around Ramadan. There is layer upon layer of detail, but the subtle blend of color, photography, illustrations and typography keep the combined work from becoming too overpowering. If you didn’t know anything about Ramadan, you could learn everything you need to know from this. They really worked to give readers something special and pull them in.

Here are the people who worked on the pages:

  • Essa Mohammed Al Zedjali, chairman
  • Ahmed Essa Al Zedjali, CEO
  • Adonis Durado, design director
  • Waleed Rabin, designer
  • Sahir K.M., designer
  • Gregory Fernandez, designer
  • Osama Al Jawish, caliigrapher
  • Antonio Farach, graphics editor
  • Lucille Umali, illustrator
  • Winie Ariany, illustrator

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Denise M. Reagan is SND Foundation president, Assistant Managing Editor for visuals at The Florida Times-Union/ and an adjunct professor at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications.


The presentation is awesome, also, you got one of the Philippine’s best illustrator from Dumaguete City Lucille Umali. Keep it up guyz!

It’s obviously beautiful, really well done. But isn’t it a tad small? Somebody’s gotta convince these guys to go big at some point. Haha.

Yes, it could be totally awesome if presented a little bit big specially those fonts were it could be seen even a meters away. hehehe

well deserved … proof that a small but very talented and highly motivated team can do great wonders

Hard work pays big dividends. Way to go Waleed and team! I’m just reflecting on the suspense and jubilation of last year’s competition which coincided with my visit to Oman! Well done!

@Karl: It’s a massive piece. We tried to include some details but we definitely need to get higher quality photography passed around. Hopefully Adonis and crew can share some PDFs soon. Michael is right, the restrained use of color and delicate touches throughout were wonderful; perfected only with the super fine print quality. In the meantime, there’s a lot of detail on the post mentioned above:

looking great,i just loved it,Superb Job Done.
I too want to see more detail.

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