Open-source Iowa Caucus graphic

One element of SND’s Year-Long Conversation will be to bring visual journalists together and to share work and insights. With such a huge news year ahead, the Chicago Tribune agreed to share this portion of its Election 2012 coverage as an open-source graphic.

Feel free to publish the graphic, or information from the graphic in your coverage, just make sure to credit the Chicago Tribune and SND. Tribune assistant graphics editor Max Rust and graphics producers Chad Yoder and Adam Zoll researched and put the graphic together with data from the Republican Party of Iowa,, news reports and George Washington University.

You can download an editable PDF here.

If you do use the graphic, pay it forward and contact the Year-Long Conversation, if you’d like to share some work of your own.

As the year goes by we will experiment with different ways of doing open-source visual work, whether it’s creating logos, widgets, graphics or anything else.

About Jonathon Berlin

is graphics editor of the Chicago Tribune and a past president of the Society For News Design.

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