Let’s talk about readability on the web. On Twitter at #readme

Right after the click or touch, in that millisecond before the animations kick in, the gifs become animated and the wizzes start to bang, people have the reasonable expectation to read something. Actually read something.

In the reading world we live in, how many shapes and colors and colorful shapes do we put in the way of that basic experience. How can we as a design community make things easier to read and fight back against the dark forces that make that experience more difficult.

We want to try and frame that issue this week as we gather some friends of readability for an online chat. We consider this to be an opening salvo in a longer conversation about how people use our sites, apps and publications and how the folks who make the visual decisions can make betters ones.

It’s also part of a campaign this year by the Society for News Design, part of our Year-Long Conversation about all things design. This is one very important thread we hope to develop with your participation and ideas. An interview with A List Apart’s Mandy Brown helps us get started today as well as some other fun links and material on the topic.

We hope you’ll join us on Twitter by following along and adding #readme to your tweets.

About Jonathon Berlin

is graphics editor of the Chicago Tribune and a past president of the Society For News Design.

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