How you can join the conversation

SND would like to invite you to join our Year-Long Conversation, a 365-day experiment about all things news design that starts today.

The Conversation headquarters is right here on where we’ll post essays, discussions, images, files to share and news of other ways the conversation will date place on social media and at events and meet-ups.

The next 12-months will take us through the election of a new U.S. president, the Olympic Games in London, and the aftershocks of the Arab Spring and world economic crisis. It will also take us through SND’s annual print and digital competitions, our annual workshop in Cleveland and countless other events and subjects.

You can keep track of the conversation here.

Here is what you can click on this week:
Here is what we have to get the conversation started:

  • Self-improvement: Meet the five journalists who volunteered to let SND follow them as they learn and grow in 2012. More here.
  • Open-source graphic: SND and The Chicago Tribune offer you this breakdown of Tuesday’s caucus to publish as long as credit and source are included. Click here for more.
  • Expand your view: Matt Mansfield advocates looking beyond journalism to kick off your 2012 design thinking. Click here to read more.
  • Join SND: Take full advantage of being a member
  • Enter our annual print or digital competitions — deadlines are coming up fast!
  • SNDCle: Sign up for our annual workshop in Cleveland.
  • We’ll also ask you to take a more expansive definition of design as we look in new places for inspiration and ideas. The conversation will cover it all as we try out different ways to reach out, talk and learn from each other.

    It ties in closely to what the Society will try to do in 2012. Here are some of our goals:

    • Year-Long Conversation: We will lead a Year-Long Conversation on all things visual journalism in 2012.
    • Mobile and digital study: We will launch an academic study of mobile and or digital news and aim to give newsrooms data they can use to make good decisions.
    • Digital training: We will extend our digital training helping journalists around the world grow and be inspired.
    • Competition growth: We will expand the voice and reach of the print and digital competition expanding them as educational and interactive experiences.

    About Jonathon Berlin

    is graphics editor of the Chicago Tribune and a past president of the Society For News Design.


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