What is your professional past, present and future?

Journalism is in a time of flux. No one knows what is going to be happening to the industry over the course of the next five years, or even the next six months. Over the weekend of the SNDSTL conference, student travel grant winners Emily Chow, Greg Mees and Katie Park asked design folks from around the world to take a survey looking at how happy they are with their careers today in comparison to how happy they were five years ago. Then, looking ahead, we asked how optimistic people are about the journalism industry in general. Here are the averages of how people answered based on a scale of one to five.
To participate in the poll, fill out the survey below the results.

On a scale from one to five:

How happy were you with your job in 2006?

How happy are you with your current job?

How optimistic are you about the media industry?



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is graphics editor of the Chicago Tribune and a past president of the Society For News Design.

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