Malofiej 20: A competition, a workshop, and a lot more

March in Spain. With world-class infographics to boot.
Sound sweet?
The Malofiej competition celebrates its 20th anniversary March 18-23 next year with series of special events tied to the competition and weeklong workshop. It’s set in Pamplona, the historic and visually stunning home of the Running of the Bulls.
Malofiej has attracted more than 30,000 entries in its two decades of existence. In addition to the judging and its acclaimed “Show, Don’t Tell” workshop, a special book being created now by 100 contributors will showcase the meaning of graphics and will be available for sale in March.
John Grimwade, a veteran of 17 of the 19 previous editions, offers insights into the Malofiej experience here. Check out the rest of the site for information about entering the competition and/or registering for the event at the University of Navarra.

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