Who helped you in your career? Here’s a chance to say thank you

A visualization by Kuan Luo

One of the cool things about SND is how we help each other. We are united by a common pursuit and when our paths cross, we usually help each other out. To honor this at the recent workshop in St. Louis, we asked folks who helped them in their career. Here are there answers, in the form of a visual thank you.

Who helped you in your career? Here’s your chance to say thank you in the comments below. Or, heck, if you need help, you could ask.

Kuan Luo is a graphic designer and recent Syracuse grad.


Kris Viesselman: Many people have helped me, but one person transformed me from journalist to visual journalist.

Frank Pauer and Don Vanderbeek. Frank because he hired me when I had nothing other than immense talent and superior intelligence in my resume and both Frank and Beek because their unparalleled humanity, artistry and excellence were a constant inspiration to be both a better artist and a better person.

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