Roar from China: The Liaoning Daily’s Golden Tiger

It was the year of the Tiger, 2010.

At the Liaoning Daily, visual director Qingiun Zhang and his team were striving to do something different, something special to mark the year, to tell the story. Click here for a Flickr gallery.

What they strive do at the Daily and its sister publications in China, according to Qingiun, who spoke at SNDSTL:

  • 1. Create high quality news design
  • 2. Create graceful, refined, elegant visuals
  • 3. Create design with personality
  • 4. Create pages with consistent visual branding
  • 5. Make sure everything changes
Qingjun Zhang presents at SND

“Manchurian Tiger’s Greeting for the New Year” won a gold medal in SND’s creative competition, one of only three awarded last year.

The SND judges said at the time: his is an exericse in how to design. The illustrations are amazing, possibly showcasing the state of the art in layout, illustration, tonal palettes, color palettes. There’s nothing to fault.

In doing the project, which was made of 6 doubletruck graphics, Qingiun found China’s top tiger artist and tirelessly put together the elements of the package. He mentioned in composing the main image, they had to try a number of poses for the Tiger, so it did not look “fat and lazy” like it was from a zoo.

Qingiun and his staff have produced an amazing set of work since a redesign and reorganization in the last few years. The design staff at the group works on independent projects and the company has adopted a philosophy where visuals are a “very important part of success.”

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