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SND Secretary/Treasurer

At this time last year, SND was facing a fiscal crisis, and leadership (executive director Stephen Komives and officers Kris Viesselman, Steve Dorsey and Jonathon Berlin) responded by radically revising our budget model. And because they made it better reflect our current reality (especially in terms of the model for the workshop), SND will finish in the black this year.

For two years in a row, the organization hasn’t had to dip into its reserve fund. It’s grown this year to over $149,000 and at the end of the year we’re adding some money to it.

On the financial end, both our print and multimedia competitions are thriving and making money. This helps us pay for things like the book, website, magazines and education.

Our current membership stands at 954, but the revenue from it continues to decline and is something we need address in the coming year. We need more members or we need to change our financial model.

Registration numbers for SND STL are strong (390 total, 340 paid). Even stronger is the sponsorship numbers for the event ($62,500.) 23 countries are represented at the workshop.

SND started off the year by rebooting its digital competition, which was a resounding success. The print competition entries were up. About 10% of the Society’s U.S. members have taken part in free digital training the past few years.

In addition, SND has replaced its international director and added six new board members this past year.

The SND Foundation had a successful fundraiser at ONA and will raise thousands of dollars with this year’s silent auction.

The foundation money goes toward funding an SNDF Intern (Ball State’s Megan Capinegro was the first recipient last year and worked at The Denver Post), an SNDF Scholarship (Indiana’s Danielle Rindler won it this year), an Edmund Arnold Scholarship (Syracuse’s Christopher Azar won it this year) and 10 travel grants for attending the workshop.

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is creative director at the Dallas Business News and immediate past-president of SND.

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