St. Louis segway tours

Jeff Hollinsworth, co-owner of Glide St. Louis Tours, instructs Julie Randle, a reporter with the South Suburban Journals, to stop on the line. Joe Sapienza Photo / St. Louis Post-Dispatch

We’re doing our best to cover every single transportation and tourist option in St. Louis and as part of that voyage to win the non-existant award for “Best Journalism Conference Website Ever” we feel compelled to notify you about St. Louis segway tours.

Yes, you and your loved ones can zip around downtown attractions on the gyro-scope-balanced, two-wheeled rides created by inventor Dean Kamen that will make you feel like you’re in the future or G.O.B. from Arrested Development. FYI, everything in the future costs $65, including these segway tours of downtown, the historic Soulard neighborhood or the 1904 World’s Fair home, beautiful Forest Park.

So put on your white jeans and ‘Woz’ it up, like Apple founder Steve Wozniak:

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