SND fall board meeting: Aiming high above St. Louis

Society for News Design board members gathered for our twice-a-year board meeting Wednesday, Sept. 28 on the 21st floor of the workshop hotel — The Renaissance Grand. The board is made up of volunteers from across the globe representing different geographic regions and topic areas. At the meeting were representatives from Dubai, Germany, Mexico, Canada and the across the U.S.

Discussions this year focused on our efforts to build and improve the main ways we reach members: training, competition, our publications and Web site. A thread in all of our discussions was how the tough economic times for the media and beyond are affecting the Society.

A note to members: SND’s meetings are public so anyone can attend. If you are interested in learning more about what SND does and getting involved, afterall, we are volunteers just like you, come to a committee meeting<> or come to a special discussion about SND and its future.

Here are some of the main subject areas we covered:

  • Membership: A focus for the coming year is to figure out new ways to make the SND experience more useful for members and to come up with new ways to reach people as the old models are coming under more stress.
  • The board would like to develop a master plan for the site and seek ways to continue to build it out to become a more lively place for discussions and useful tool.
  • Publications: We would also like to continue to build and our publications and take advantage of the tremendous archive of material the Society has built over the years.
  • International outreach: With the appointment of TKsajeev as director for Asian and the South Pacific and the SND’s strong efforts in China and the Middle East we are looking to keep reaching out to new design communities. Additionally, SND’s affiliates in Scandinavia, the German-speaking countries and elsewhere are constantly pushing themselves.
  • Marketing: A group of board members has been dispatched to come up with a plan to better market what SND does.
  • Workshops: The 2012 Workshop is all set for Cleveland and plans are underway for workshops in 2013 and beyond with an eye toward locations on the East Coast, Europe and Mexico.

In attendance:

  • Steve Dorsey, President
  • Jonathon Berlin, Vice president
  • Rob Schneider, Secretary-treasurer
  • Stephen Komives, Executive director
  • Kris Viesselman, Immediate past-president
  • Denise Reagan, SND Foundation president
  • Melissa Angle, Education and training director
  • Tyson Evans, Publications director
  • Jennifer George-Palilonis, Education director
  • Marshall Matlock, Best of News Design
  • Will Sullivan, Workshop planner
  • Lily Lu, SND Chinese director
  • Lee Steele, Region 1 director
  • Shraddha Swaroop, Region 2 director
  • Michael Tribble, Region 4 director
  • Oscar Santiago Méndez, Region 11 director
  • Stefan Knapp, Region 16 director
  • Douglas Okasaki, Region 20 director

About Jonathon Berlin

is graphics editor of the Chicago Tribune and a past president of the Society For News Design.

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