Meet your 2012 SND Officers

The election results are in, and we are pleased to announce the officers for 2012:

President: Jonathon Berlin, Chicago Tribune
Vice President: Rob Schneider, Dallas Morning News
Secretary/Treasurer: David Kordalski, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer.

Kordalski won the only contested race. Of 220 votes cast in that race, he received 130, for 59% of the vote. Gabi Schmidt received 54 votes (25%) and Mike Rice received 36 votes (16%).

“Congratulations to JB, Rob and David,” said Steve Dorsey, SND president. “I’m excited for them and for what this means for the Society. All three are veteran leaders and innovators that will work well together to push us ahead. The worst part of these elections is that not everyone wins — we had a tremendous selection of candidates, each would have done a great job. I want to salute everyone who stepped forward and volunteered to help the Society. We need all the help and participation we can get now more than ever to continue to evolve to meet members’ changing needs.”

221 total votes were cast, representing a 23% turnout of the membership.

The results:

PRESIDENT (216 votes)
  • Jonathon Berlin 210
  • Bonita Burton 4
  • Doug Griswold 1
  • David Kordalski 1
  • Marshall Matlock 1
  • Suzette Moyer 1
  • Will Sullivan 1
  • (0) 1
VICE PRESIDENT (214 votes)
  • Rob Schneider 205
  • Bonita Burton 1
  • Steve Dorsey 1
  • Jeff Glick 1
  • Lily Lu 1
  • Becky Pendergast 1
  • Colin Smith 1
  • Michael Stoll 1
  • (0) 2
  • David Kordalski 130
  • Gabriela Schmidt 54
  • Michael Rice 36

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Previously served as Executive Director of the Society for News Design, from 2009–2019.

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