Iron Will: A great start in St. Louis

I heard lots of kudos around the registration table this morning for the way this year’s workshop has been set up.

Will Sullivan and the St. Louis crew created the highly intuitive website and schedule. From turn-by-turn driving directions and the Room Sharing Bulletin Board (four people took advantage of that!) to the custom conference grid — this dog can hunt.

Conference basics, embedded videos, recent blogposts, tweets, five ways to share and tips for parking in downtown St. Louis. What more do you need?

I took the MetroLink light rail from Lambert Airport for $3.95. Good advice, Will.

Charles Apple said he often sets up tips for the workshop on his blog for what to expect and how to get around—but this year, the STL site had it all.

“The schedule thing on mobile is awesome,” said Rob Schneider. “And the site itself is deep. It’s really easy to find things.”

“Will has this super-duper combo of skills,” said Denise Reagan. Great with mobilizing people, Sullivan has set up Multimedia Immersion workshops for NPPA, photo meetups and more.

Then, there’s the program itself. “This tablet track is amazing,” said Schnieder. “People came from India and other places abroad just to come to that.”

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