Afternoon jokes from St. Louis

By Rachel Schallom, University of Missouri

And people say journalists aren’t funny…

@vmcarnevale (Valerie Carnevale): Things I’ve Learned at #SNDSTL: I want an ipad, newspapers are cool, & that was butter next to the bagels this morning, not cream cheese.

@ChrisSpurlock: My only complaint about today’s #sndstl session? It’s absolutely FREEZING in this building. Yikes.

@geoffpinnock (Geoff Pinnock): Tim Harrower on why readers need more fun: newsroom is like a restaurant: meat, spuds, broccoli. Eat it. It’s good for you. #sndstl

@martharotter: “We should start an inside joke where every time anyone writes a James Franco story, his photo has to be sideways or upside down” #sndstl

@yelvington (Steve Yelvington): #sndstl Marriott wi-fi is running at text messaging speeds. 🙁

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