St. Louis Downtown Trolley offers cheap travel around Washington Ave. entertainment district, SND STL opening reception & other downtown attractions

St. Louis Downtown Trolley (Photo by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Suburban Journals)
St. Louis Downtown Trolley (Photo by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Suburban Journals)

After you get settled St. Louis for SND STL, there’s a quick, easy and cheap way to get around all the downtown attractions: The Downtown Trolley. You’ll be able to pick this bus out from the standard MetroLink buses because it’s wrapped in a colorful yellow-orange-and pink design (pictured above) like an old-time trolley from Judy Garland’s  Trolley Song in the famous musical, “Meet Me in St. Louis.”

For $2 adults get an unlimited day pass to travel anywhere on the route as long as they’d like from 7 a.m. to midnight (even earlier on weekdays). This offers be a cheap and quick way to travel around downtown, including door-to-door service  to the SND STL opening reception at The City Museum (the 9-block walk to the City Museum is also a beautiful and comfortable one past many of the restaurants, bars and entertainment in the area near the hotel though, so if the weather’s good, don’t pass up the chance to learn the lay of the land), as well as check out other attractions including the Gateway Arch, City Garden, Busch Stadium, Scottrade Center and more. The Trolley also connects with several stops on Metrolink’s bus and light rail routes that can take you all over the city for cheap.

Download a PDF of the St. Louis Downtown trolly route info or view it below:

St. Louis Downtown Trolley Route for SND STL

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