From “Milk Eggs Vodka” to stealing bricks: learn about bootstrapping your passion and entrepreneurship for creative media at SND STL

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Bootstrapping Your Passion: Entrepreneurship for Creative Media

Kick-staring, boot-strapping and entrepreneurship is exploding right now — there’s never been a more exciting time to be creating your own creative media content. Learn how to take an idea, a curiosity, a side project or a personal passion and turn it into a media product that will land you on Jimmy Kimmel Live , taunted by Tosh.0 (any publicity is good publicity, right?) or discussed in newspapers across the country. A menagerie of media-preneurs will discuss their diverse practical experiences on how they turned their passions into ‘work’ (although it’s not work when it’s your passion, is it?). The panelists will discuss the nuts and bolts lessons learned, from promotion to grant-writing to finding financial and life balance, and how to do it without losing control of your vision when creating new media, books, film and web ventures.

Bill Keaggy speaks at SND STL

Bill Keaggy

Bill Keaggy is the author of two books and thousands of web pages. Most of his projects mix art and journalism. They are half formal experiment and half social document, and usually make a big deal out of little things like rust stains, discarded furniture and flea market cameras. Keaggy’s work is about the life behind the things we leave behind. His projects have appeared in The New York Times, The L.A. Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Sydney Morning Herald, Metropolis, HOW Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Bizarre Magazine, Advertising Age, Forbes, Bon Appetit and more, including NPR, CBC, the Jimmy Kimmel Show, many books and at least one documentary film. Keaggy has been a designer and photo editor at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and now works at the information design firm XPLANE | Dachis Group. He lives in the Tower Grove South neighborhood of St. Louis with his wife Diane and children Liam and Rena. See

Jenna Isaacson creator of All Thrifty States speaks at SND STL

Jenna Isaacson

Jenna Isaacson is an independent visual journalist, proud Midwesterner and admitted thrift store addict. A 2000 graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism, she worked as a newspaper photojournalist for 10 years at the Columbia Daily Tribune and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Her work adventures sent her to be chased by hungry pit bulls, stepped on by a confused presidential candidate and accidentally tackled by a 300-pound linebacker, all in the name of journalism. In 2010, while riding out the tough economy she started a personal project online called, “All Thrifty States.”  The multimedia project documents scenes, people and items found in thrift stores across America to explore consumption patterns and promote environmentally conscious shopping.Through a pledge drive on Kickstarter and a sponsorship from Goodwill® she recently completed a 30 state RV tour of thrift stores across the US. With 11 states left on the list, Isaacson hopes to continue the project through donations until the project is complete. Throughout her career she has been recognized by for her work in editorial writing, photojournalism, photo editing and multimedia.  She is currently based in Washington, DC, where she also serves as the secretary for Women Photojournalists of Washington. She’s been published as a writer and photographer, also doing work in multimedia and videography. She’s been recognized by the Pictures of the Year International (POYi), National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), Missouri Press Foundation and the AP.

Bill Streeter speaks at SND STL

Bill Streeter

Bill Streeter is an award-winning producer, web designer, graphic artist and photographer and director and cinematographer of “Brick by Chance and Fortune,” a documentary about St. Louis’ rich history of brick architecture and threats to it’s future. Probably best known for creating the first of it’s kind music and culture web video series Lo-Fi Saint Louis which as been featured in iTunes and has won or been nominated for several awards. He has also produced videos for brands like MTV, Mountain Dew, and Village Voice Media as well as several music videos for artists including Pokey LaFarge.

Streeter has also written for the Riverfont Times and taught at Saint Louis University. Streeter is a naturally a very curious person, and hisinterests are very broad. He enjoys everything from food (cooking and gardening), music, television, film and history to technology.

While it may be easy to mistake him for a native Saint Lousian, He is not. Streeter moved to St. Louis in 2001 from Chicago with his wife and young son after losing his job at the end of the first Internet bubble and never looked back. Streeter lives in a brick house in South City with his wife, two sons, two dogs and sometimes a cat.


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