Dynamo professor, innovative newsroom and social media leader, Jen Reeves, will turbo-charge your skillset at SND STL

Our next dynamic speaker is a powerhouse of journalism education and runs one of the most innovative newsrooms in the nation regularly recognized by industry publications including the PBS Media Shift blog. She’s going to compress a semester of training with her turbo-charged Mizzou classes into 50 minutes for folks looking to get up to speed on their social, mobile and multimedia skills with her session:

Mid-Career to Multimedia

Do you think the journalists coming out of j-school have skills you missed? There’s a way to catch up. Learn about the new multimedia, social and mobile tools and how to incorporate them into your current job and life to experiment, grow and show off your abilities without spending a lot of money or excessive time.

Jen Lee Reeves speaks at SND STL

Jen Reeves

When Jen Reeves was younger, she loved to be outdoors. She doesn’t get to spend the amount of time that she’d like these days with her jobs and busy kids who need a ride to all of their activities each day. But that love of the outdoors translates into the way Reeves works and uses social media in her job. She believes in organic, real communities and engagement. She’s learned how through years of experimenting and communicating with social tools and high energy in a television newsroom and a university classroom. In the last six years, Reeves moved from traditional journalist to non-traditional thinker about journalism and education. She is currently the Interactive Director at KOMU-TV and komu.com. At the same time, she is an associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism and was a part of the inaugural class of Reynolds Journalism Institute fellows (2008-09). It’s an amazing and exhausting combination. Reeves has a chance to help build future journalists and play with new and useful technology. In the middle of it all, she looks at ways newsrooms and classrooms communicate with students, audiences and employees. Reeves loves engaging in her communities – near and far. She has a Master’s in Management and is obsessed with workflow and newsroom communication. On the side of it all, she runs a website focused on encouraging families to celebrate differences at Born Just Right.

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