Zite CEO & Washington Post’s Trove designer discuss designing personalized news experiences on tablet devices

Our next ground-breaking session couldn’t have been done 10, even 2 years ago:

Designing Personalized Tablet News

Nicolas Negroponte’s 1970s prophecy of “The Daily Me” is now here. Dozens of organizations from traditional media to start-ups are now creating unique, customized tablet news experiences that embrace the tablet as a personalized publishing platform.

This session will discuss what has been learned so far, how to design and develop these experiences effectively on tablets — especially when managing infinite potential content sources — and what metrics are the best indicators to track and personalize the content. Also find out what pieces of this strategy could you apply to your organization and how can you better format your content to get shared and targeted to interested audiences.

Mark Johnson from Zite speaks at SND STL

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is the CEO of Zite, Inc. Mark has been an advisor to Zite for almost two years and was instrumental in the pivot from Worio to Zite. He brings a strong product and technology background with experience at several successful search startups: Powerset (natural language search, acquired by Microsoft), Kosmix (categorized search, acquired by Walmart), and SideStep (travel search, acquired by Kayak). Most recently, he led product at Bing in San Francisco. Mark’s passion and mission at Zite is to change the way people discover and browse content.


Joey Marburger from the Washington Post will speak at SND STL

Joey Marburger

Joey Marburger is the Mobile Design Director for The Washington Post. As a designer and developer, Joey works with the internal development team to build rich applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices and platforms. He has also worked for The Indianapolis Star and Gannett Co. in a multitude of digital roles. He lives in the DC Metro area with his wife Cas and two dogs, Walt and Porter.



This session will be held in partnership with the RJI Digital Publishing Alliance partnership for SND STL. Read more about the partnership or check out the other sessions from the mobile and tablet track.

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