SND STL: Get your mind blown & inspired by Tim Harrower

Long-time SND friend and favorite who literally wrote the handbook for newspapers designers, Tim Harrower, will be rocking SND St. Louis with an inspiring retrospective of design work in a lively session: FUN 101

Want to keep readers happy? You gotta be unpredictable. Provocative. And a lot cleverer.

In short: more fun.

Now, in many newsrooms, “fun” is a four-letter word. We’ve gotten too grim, too grumpy, too screwed into ruts. But you can revive the ol’ mojo with “FUN 101,” an entertaining tour of time-tested techniques for adding wit and zazz to page designs.

More zazz, less zzz-zzz. That’s our motto.

We’ll analyze hundreds of swipeable examples: classic covers from National Lampoon and Mad magazine. Legendary layouts from the Asbury Park Press. Interactive pages that will make you say “Wow!”  Unusual headlines that will make you say “Huh???”  And some tasteless vulgarity and nudity that will make you say, “Hmmm . . . . .  this requires closer inspection.”

Which is why we’ll make CDs of the entire speech available to those who remain to the bitter end.

Tim Harrower

About Tim Harrower

Tim Harrower has been an editor, designer and columnist at newspapers large (The Oregonian), midsized (The Rochester Times-Union) and small (the Times weeklies in Beaverton, Ore.).  He became a journalist in the ’80s after his first career choice — rock ’n’ roll superlegend — fizzled out.

Harrower’s first book, “The Newspaper Designer’s Handbook,” has been a fixture in newsrooms and classrooms around the world, translated into Russian, Chinese and Polish. His follow-up, “Inside Reporting,” is America’s most popular newswriting textbook.

He currently hosts journalism workshops, consults on redesigns, noodles around with multimedia and composes music at his dog-and-frog ranch deep in the Oregon woods.

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