Nominations sought for 2012 election

The Society is seeking your nominations for the office of SND Secretary/Treasurer for 2012. This is an open-ballot position: anyone who is nominated, meets the requirements of the position and chooses to run will appear on the ballot.

Nominees must be members in good standing with the Society and have a history of service to the organization. They must also have experience managing people and financial operations.

We will accept nominations through Sunday, July 31. Send your nomination to: [email protected]

Voting will begin on Sept. 1, and will be open until Sept. 30. Election results will then be announced during the annual business meeting
of the Society, in St. Louis on Friday, Sept. 30.

About Steve Dorsey

@Gannett VP innovation. Boards: @INMAorg, @SND. He was the 2011 president of the Society; 2015 Lifetime Award recipient. Dad to Fiona; partner to @paprgrl76. Relocated Detroiter. Tigers fan. Designer. Editor. SU grad.

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