Learn brainstorming & creativity strategies with Carrie Gee, Nick Mrozowski, Emmet Smith at SND STL

Prepare to get inspired by some of the brightest design minds in the world when they converge on SND STL and share their secrets to developing brilliant visual concepts:

Brainstorming & Creativity Strategies

This session will discuss practical and inspirational strategies on how to brainstorm, especially on deadline and with limited resources. Presenters will discuss their techniques, previous successes and inspiration for the first half, then in the second half will offer a real-live brainstorming throw-down with suggestions from the audience (a.la. Who’s Line Is It Anyway?”) and panelists working through the topic to prepare an plethora of creative ideas.

Carrie Gee speaks at SND STL

Carrie Gee

Carrie Gee is a super geek powered by coffee and a love for good design. Residing in Boston, by day, she works as the Art Director for Edible Vineyard magazine, as well as a graphic designer for Font Bureau and Ready-Media. By night, she’s in the “Danger Room” she shares with her husband, Martin, combining their creative superpowers on various projects. Carrie has been recognized by AIGA, SND, and SPJ for her design and illustration work. In her downtime, you can find her practicing air-guitar, block printing cats and pirate ships, or snuggling with her two destructokitties: Calypso and Citrus.


Nick Mrozowski

Nick Mrozowski

Nick is the creative director of Adweek magazine in New York, where he develops visuals for stories about the intersection of media, tech and advertising. Previously, he was the creative director of Portugal’s i newspaper, named the World’s Best for 2010. His work there also was recognized by The D&AD Awards and The European Newspaper Awards, and published in Thinking With Type, Computer Arts Projects and Design Week. He speaks Portuguese like a disgruntled reporter and is one-half of the publishing team behind Ink, an independent design journal.

Emmet Smith speaks at SND STL

Emmet Smith

Emmet is the deputy design director for news at the Plain Dealer in sunny Cleveland, Ohio where he has worked since 2004. A 2003 graduate of Ball State University, he has also worked at The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Virginia, The Indianapolis Star, the Detroit Free Press and the San Jose Mercury News. During his time at The Plain Dealer he has designed a front page with only seven words on it (and, of course, no rings), launched new sections and assigned a story to every reporter in the newsroom at once. He lives in Cleveland with his wife and their twin sons, Henry and Eli.


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