Learn about “The Secret Ingredient of the Secret Ingredient” with Adonis Durado from The Times of Oman

Our next session will feature an internationally-renowned and innovative designer discussion strategies for visualizing and energizing readers’ interests:

Visual Conceit: The Secret Ingredient of the Secret Ingredient

Engage your reader.

As visual journalist, we are told that this is the key to our survival. But this task is daunting, and is not simple as it may sound. Designers must learn to develop various visualization techniques to captivate its readers. This is not anymore a question of designing a good page – BUT designers must produce pages that constantly grab readers by the balls, tickle their imagination, and perhaps propel them to utter the magic word: “Wow!”

But how do you create a page that passes the wow-o-meter? And what are the ingredients of a “wow” page?

This session will help you understand the concept of “visual conceit,” a term coined by the speaker that explores idiosyncratic approach of visualization. And there are as many forms of visual conceits, as there are many ways to skin a cat. Find out when to use “Type Attack” vs “Art Attack”, “Texturing” vs “Contextualizing”, “Deconstruction” vs “Interactivity”, and why Milton Glaser is right when he said that (design) style is irrelevant.

Adonis Durado of the Times of Oman speaks at SND STL

Adonis Durado

Adonis Durado is currently the Design Director of two newspapers in Oman – Times of Oman and Al Shabiba (in Arabic language). After a year of joining the company, he transformed its products from unknown to the most awarded publications in the Middle East, winning more than 50 international accolades from SND Competition, Malofiej Infographic Awards, WAN-IFRA Asia Media Awards, and Communication Arts Design Competition.

He worked and helped launch more than a dozen of magazine and newspaper titles in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, working under the wings of international publication consultants – Mario Garcia, Juan Antonio Giner and Peter Ong.

Prior to his current post, he was the group creative director of a Bangkok-based publishing company that produces American retail magazines. Between 2005 and 2008, he worked in Dubai, UAE as the design editor of a free weekly tabloid, then as news presentation director of a business daily.

Adonis’s career is a product of advertising and publication design. Back in the Philippines, he used to juggle two jobs – art directing for an ad agency by day, doing part-time job for a newspaper by evening. He graduated from the University of San Carlos (Philippines) with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts (major in advertising).


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