Have you taken RJI’s 2011 iPad survey yet? Do it now!

The Reynolds Journalism Institute’s iPad/Tablet Research Project has been the first of its kind already (twice now, really). And they’re at it again. They invite you to take their Summer 2011 survey: Click here.

This survey is international and open to anyone who owns or uses an Apple iPad or other comparable media tablet. It will be online through the end of September. No compensation is provided for participating in this survey.

More information about our multi-year iPad/tablet research project and the results of our earlier surveys can be found here.

In addition to taking RJI’s latest survey, they hope you will invite other users of iPads or comparable media tablets to participate. Participation is important to journalists, journalism educators and other media practitioners worldwide who are trying to understand how widespread adoption of these mobile display devices may influence the future of journalism and the news media.

If you have questions about the survey, please contact Roger Fidler at fidlerr (at) rjionline.org. You also can contact the University of Missouri’s Campus Institutional Review Board (IRB) at 573-882-9585. The Campus IRB oversees all research activities involving human subjects.

The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) works with citizens, journalists and researchers to strengthen democracy through better journalism. RJI seeks out the most exciting new ideas, tests them with real-world experiments, uses social science research to assess their effectiveness and delivers solutions that citizens and journalists can put to use in their own communities.

Tablets at SND STL:

SND is also excited to remind you that RJI is a major partner for this fall’s Annual Workshop and Exhibition in St. Louis. An entire track of sessions will be dedicated to mobile, digital and tablet discussions there. Haven’t registered yet? There’s plenty of time — but act now for a chance to win an iPad!

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