GOOD’s Alissa Walker discusses “City-Making: Journalism & Civic Engagement” at SND STL

Our next dynamic speaker, Alissa Walker, is a St. Louis native, USC Annenberg Getty Arts Journalism Fellow and writer for GOOD magazine. She’s going to discuss some of the interesting journalism projects she’s working on with GOOD LA:

City-Making: Journalism and Civic Engagement

As cities increase their focus on improving the urban environment, how can journalism help citizens shape the community in which they live? Alissa Walker, an L.A. based writer who writes about architecture, design and urban issues, is experimenting with ways to use journalism to activate and empower local residents. This year, at the publication GOOD, Alissa helped launch GOOD LA, the first chapter of a new initiative called GOOD Local, which focuses on not only providing great local content, but also on giving readers the tools to take action for the causes they believe in, and provide real-life opportunities to engage with each other. In her role as editor, Alissa has created crowd-sourced projects, community events, and service opportunities that create impact on a local level and add value to the GOOD experience, producing more loyal and active readers. Journalists don’t need to work within the context of a publication to make the same impact in their cities. On a personal level, Alissa gave up her car a few years ago (Yes! In L.A.! It’s possible!) and uses tools like her personal blog, Facebook and Twitter to engage her readers around local public transit issues. This can include anything from taking photos of herself walking to prove that people walk in L.A., posting updates to Twitter about riding the bus, to organizing urban hikes and tours, and writing about biking in L.A. to help women feel safer about getting on a bike.


Alissa Walker from GOOD magazine speaks at SND STL

Alissa Walker

Alissa Walker is a freelance writer who can most often be found in Los Angeles. She writes about design, architecture, cities, transportation and walking for many publications, including GOOD, Fast Company, and Dwell, and is the associate producer for the public radio show “DnA: Design and Architecture.” In 2010, Alissa was named as a USC/Annenberg Getty Arts Journalism Fellow for her writing about design and urbanism. She lives in a royal blue house in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, where she throws ice cream socials, tends to a drought-tolerant garden, writes infrequently on her blog, Gelatobaby, and relishes life in L.A. without a car. Alissa grew up in St. Louis, which she credits for her appreciation for great architecture, sensible Midwestern values, and love of beer.

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