Adios, Arial! New Tools for Taking Beautiful Typography From Print to Digital

The next session will offer insight into how news organizations can mirror (or at least get closer) to using similar typography in print and digital:

Adios, Arial! New Tools for Taking Beautiful Typography From Print to Digital

This session will discuss new tools available that are allowing organizations to mirror both their print and digital projects. No longer shackled by ‘Web-safe’ fonts, @font-face, TypeKit and the Google Font API are allowing a breath of fresh air in our text voices. Panelists will discuss techniques, trends and what the future likes for fonts.
Sam Berlow from the Font Bureau speaks at SND STL

Sam Berlow

Sam Berlow has managed the success of the Font Bureau for 18 years, where he works alongside co-founders David Berlow (his brother) and Roger Black. A member of the type board and the general manager of the company, Sam has helped make the Font Bureau the leading digital type foundry for typeface design.

Bringing expertise that spans the typographical, design and publishing fields, Sam has worked closely with major publications and corporations around the world and partnered with the most talented publication designers. He has guided the development of custom typeface designs for publications such as the Wall Street Journal and corporations like the Ford Motor Company.

Trying to keep one step ahead of technology, in 2010 the Font Bureau launched, a website providing typefaces specifically designed for onscreen reading, where Sam serves as general manager. He is also a partner in Ready-Media, which offers world-class design in templates for magazines, newspapers and websites.

Sam was instrumental in the launch of, an independent website highlighting typefaces in the real world. He is also the publisher of Edible Vineyard, a local food magazine on Martha’s Vineyard. He lives on the Vineyard with his wife Ali, the editor of the publication. Their two sons, Max and Eli, are now away at school, so maybe this year Sam has some time to start something new.

Danny DeBelius speaks about web design and development at SND STL

Danny DeBelius

Danny DeBelius is the Senior User Experience Designer for NPR’s StateImpact project. He earned his journalism degree at the University of Colorado and has held online positions at the Las Vegas Sun and Rocky Mountain News before joining NPR.

Alan Tam of speaks at SND STL

Alan Tam

Alan Tam is the Director of Product Marketing for Web Font Services at Monotype Imaging. Prior to joining Monotype Imaging, Alan held various senior marketing roles at Adobe Systems where he led and drove the adoption of the Flash® Lite®, Flash Player and AIR® technologies for mobile and consumer electronics devices. He was also instrumental in leading Adobe’s entry into the enterprise software space with the launch of their LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite for customer experience management. Alan’s previous experience includes product management and product marketing roles in business process automation software at Cardiff Software, an Adobe portfolio company. Alan began his career at I-Bus Technologies where he was responsible for managing innovative embedded and automation solutions. Alan holds a BS in Management Science from the University of California, San Diego.

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