SND Foundation awards 10 student travel grants to St. Louis workshop

The SND Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of travel grants for the 2011 SND Annual Workshop on Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in St. Louis. Ten students were selected to receive free student registration and $500 toward travel and hotel expenses. The grant winners are:

Tara Bender

School: Indiana University
Graduating: December 2011
Career goals: My diverse journalism interests sometimes make it hard for me to decide what I want to do after grad school, but I’ve decided that it’s a good thing. I have a passion for nonprofit work and can see myself working for a nonprofit organization that publishes its own materials, whether it is a university, international agency, or a grassroots community group. To use my design skills for a good cause would be the most gratifying for me.
I have a background in teaching and plan to return to the classroom in the future. Upon graduation, I will be certified to teach journalism, and I cannot think of anything more fulfilling than teaching high school students to write and design, carrying on the legacy that my journalism teachers and professors have handed down to me.
Wherever my journey in journalism takes me, my goal is to maintain my skills in both writing and design as a professional who has her hands in both. I will strive to produce creative and professional publications, whether I work for a nonprofit organization, for-profit business, or school.
Tara’s portfolio

Valerie Carnevale

School: Ball State University
Graduating: May 2013
Career goals: Ultimately, I would love to bring my skill set in design and photography to a non-profit organization such as World Vision or UNICEF. Many of these organizations have opportunities for print design in the form of a newsletter or magazine, web design, and information graphics/data visualization. Aside from that, I can see myself in a variety of workplaces, anywhere from a media group like Greenspun Media to a non-profit organization like Circle of Blue or a branding company such as Hatch Design.
Valerie’s portfolio

Emily Chow

School: Northwestern University
Graduating: June 2012
Career goals: Immersed in photography, design, data visualization and human-computer interaction, I stand at the intersection of media and technology with a penchant for learning, a love for telling stories and a desire to inform the public. Journalism is at an exciting crossroads that offers a wealth of opportunity for news delivery. Especially as the reader experience moves past desktop browsers and into mobile applications, I am thrilled to explore what “online journalism” encompasses.
The industry is constantly changing and the opportunities, though not endless, are abundant. As such, my career goals are not concrete. I hope to find a publication in which my interests can converge. At this point in my college career, I envision myself working on developing news applications, working with multimedia or creating graphics. Regardless, I know that my passion boils down to a love for storytelling and doing what I know best — a desire to inform through design, photography and code.
Emily’s portfolio

Kuan Luo

School: Syracuse University
Graduated: May 2011
Career goals: I want to work as a visual journalist in either print or online news organizations after my graduation in May. My passion of visual storytelling has urged me to be able to use videos, still images as well as graphic design to present stories in interesting and innovative ways. Over the years, I have witnessed the growing desire of the news industry to push its boundaries towards more creative approaches to visual storytelling, and I want to be part of the rapid, encouraging change, and hopefully to lead the change in the future.
Kuan’s portfolio

Gregory Mees

School: Colorado State University
Graduating: May 2013
Career goals: It’s funny how when you enter college you think that you are going to study something and think that you have your entire life planned out and then all of a sudden everything changes. I entered my freshman year at CSU determined to go into broadcast journalism. In high school I worked on the yearbook staff, and while I loved design and print, I never though of it as something that I want to do for the rest of my life.
Even until recently I had the idea that even though I work in the print industry now, someday I would want to move on and explore other options. While gaining as much experience in as many mediums as I can is still a huge goal of mine, I now realize that I can’t live without design.
It has become a huge part of my life and I can’t imagine not working as a designer because it makes me so incredibly happy. I might venture out of the design world at some point and try other things, but for now I can’t see myself doing anything else. My enormous passion and drive not only for design, but journalism in general is something that is displayed everyday in the newsroom.
I am dedicated and determined, and I hope that those two qualities help me to one day become a successful member of the design community and get a job working at a major daily metro.
Gregory’s portfolio

Sarah Morris

School: University of Missouri
Graduating: May 2012
Career goals: I would like to someday be an infographics editor.
Sara’s portfolio

Katherine Park

School: Northwestern University
Graduating: June 2012
Career goals: I’ve always had trouble pinning my career goals to one area or another. As a freshman, I thought I was set on becoming a newspaper reporter — but I yearned for a way to use artistic creativity in my work. As a sophomore, I fell in love with interactive online media, which I realized could be used to present information dynamically and visually. Now, I’m working to improve my technical abilities to include programming and Web development skills. I ultimately hope to pursue a career in data visualization for online media, with an emphasis on interactive methods of storytelling. I want to develop web applications and other online media that bring together solid reporting, multimedia and content focused on user interaction.
Katherine’s portfolio

Danielle Rindler

School: Indiana University
Graduating: May 2012
Career goals: Ever since becoming the design editor of my high school newspaper, I have grown to appreciate both the visual and textual aspect of print media. In particular I enjoy the way that the two come together to tell stories in the most effective way.
As such, my career goals include working at a print publication doing page layouts as well as print and online graphics. In an ideal world I would like to start out at a smaller, regional paper doing a little bit of both, eventually moving onto a graphics department at a larger national newspaper or newsmagazine. I am particularly attracted to the idea of producing informational graphics because, when done well, they are the epitome of telling effective visual stories.
Danielle’s portfolio

Rachel Schallom

School: University of Missouri
Finishing: Graduate school May 2012, completed undergraduate work December 2010
Career goals: I want a career in news design. I have a passion for telling people information that makes their lives easier in a beautiful, easy-to-understand manner. I especially love non-narrative storytelling. As journalism changes and evolves, I’d like to be an influence in a newsroom that can guide any necessary redesigns or revisions. I want to make a career in a newsroom; it’s where I feel most alive. I would love to work my way up into the field of features and eventually a managerial/design director position. I find newsroom workflows and logistics intriguing, and I’d aim at improving communication across departments to provide a better work environment and top-notch print and digital product. Also at some point in distant future, I’d like to be a journalism professor.
Rachel’s portfolio

Stephanie Stamm

School: Ball State University
Gradating: May 2012
Career goals: In the future, I plan on working for a magazine, whether print or online. I hope to be an art director or even an editor-in-chief of a publication as I work my way up in my profession. I would also like to work with website design, either for the publication I work for and/or freelance opportunities. I hope to be a prominent name in the art and design world.
Stephanie’s portfolio

You can follow all of the travel grant recipients on Twitter here.

The panel who selected the grant recipients was:
Denise M. Reagan, SND Foundation president
Steve Dorsey, SND president
Jonathon Berlin, SND vice president
Rob Schneider, SND secretary/treasurer
Stephen Komives, SND executive director

SND U.S. education director Jennifer George-Palilonis organized the call for applications.

The SND Foundation is the charitable arm of the society. In addition to awarding student travel grants to the annual workshop, SNDF funds initiatives such as training grants for SND members, university scholarships, prizes for the SND student competition and other education, minority and research programs.

All of the Foundation’s money comes from grants and donations from people just like you. You can donate by going here.

About Denise M. Reagan

Denise M. Reagan is SND Foundation president, Assistant Managing Editor for visuals at The Florida Times-Union/ and an adjunct professor at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications.

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