SND STL speaker announcement: Joy Mayer

We’re excited to announce our next speaker, Joy Mayer, who will be providing a very interesting perspective on design and how it applies to user engagement:

Designers as user advocates
The craft of journalism is too often driven by the journalists themselves — by their own standards of what is important and worthy. Designers have long been the people in newsrooms speaking up for the near-mythical “audience” — asking questions about how to make content accessible, whether the main points of a story are clear and how readers will be encouraged to act on the information they’re given. 

These days, key audience questions are much more complicated than “is there an infobox with that?”. How are users finding our content? On what device are they viewing it? What do they need from it? How are they using it? These things can be known, and they should be used to guide most newsroom decisions, from story format to staffing priorities.

This is the story of what a designer learned in a year of studying audience engagement, and why newsrooms should get over themselves and focus on their audiences.

Joy Mayer

Joy Mayer is an associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism. Her work focuses on community engagement in journalism, and how news can be more of a conversation and less of a lecture. Being more audience-focused, and more responsive, can be good for the journalism, good for the community and good for the bottom line.

After a 2010-2011 fellowship at the Reynolds Journalism Institute, Joy has returned to being a faculty editor at the Columbia Missourian newspaper, with a focus on community outreach. She teaches classes in participatory journalism, multimedia design and print design. Before joining the journalism school in 2003, she was a designer and editor at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and the Wichita Eagle.


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