Web Design Boot Camp: What the attendees learned

Here’s what some of the attendees had to say:

Kate Manfull, St. Louis:
“It’s a lot to learn. But it’s totally worth the effort. You understand how to get from here to there, it helped to bridge that gap for me.”

Bonnie Layton, Bloomington:
“The instructors did a great job describing best practices in general, but what I really liked was how they were able to talk a lot about what really happens with these tools in a newsroom environment, that’s what people really want to know.”

Charlie Scudder, Bloomington:
“I learned a lot about coding, that’s for sure. I came in here knowing hardly anything. Getting pushed through that door helped a lot.”

Michela Tindera, Bloomington:
“It’s nice to know I have the ability to create a basic Web site now. I didn’t think it was that hard to learn, either. I don’t have much experience and I’m not the most computer-friendly, but I got it. I did some Web stuff with Dreamweaver in high school and was surprised to learn it’s not even used in newsrooms. I was happy to learn something I can use.”

Season Schafer, Muncie, Ind.:
“The instructors were really patient and it helped to have time to work with them one-on-one. It was tough – there’s a lot of information – but this is probably the best way to learn it.”

Paige Renka, Alabama:
The best part for me was understanding how easy it is to incorporate widgets like YouTube and Google Maps into my Web pages, I feel like I can do that now. It’s A LOT of information for two days.”

Janet Schneider, Indianapolis:
“It really helps to understand the difference between the print designer’s intentions and the Web designer’s intentions, the difference between making something look a certain way versus guiding someone’s behavior.”

Patty Pitts, Louisville:
“It’s a great experience. As a manager who is still largely focused on print, I’m trying to understand all the tools that are out there and what they have to offer. ”

A special thank you from SND to Ron Johnson, Steve Layton, Bonnie Layton and all our friends at Ernie Pyle Hall for hosting the workshop.

We have three more stops on the SND Digital Quick Course series this month. Register now – they’re all free to members:

April 8-9 Mobile Web Design at Evanston, Ill.
April 15-16 Advanced HTML at Chapel Hill, N.C.
April 29-30 Data Visualization at St. Petersburg, Fla.“>

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