SND20 infographics workshop: Dubai, April 4

The seminar is one of a series of lectures and presentations by international names being organized by Society for News Design – Middle East and Africa.

To register, email your name, profession and mobile phone number to [email protected]

Among the speakers next week is Juan Velasco, Art Director at National Geographic Magazine.
Velasco will discuss the use of charts, diagrams, maps and illustration to attract and inform the reader; the importance of information research; ideas to enhance creativity; trends in cartography and data visualization; and the iPad revolution.
Velasco will give an insider’s view of the process of building better graphics and data visualization. National Geographic retains one of the world’s most recognized infographics departments. A typical graphic will take at least 6 months to complete, and the most complicated ones considerably longer. And oftentimes they will spare no expense to ensure they get every detail right. “We needed a skeleton to use as a base for drawing and sculpting, so we bought one for $15,000 dollars,” Velasco said.

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