Visualization Challenge announced: Making sense of water issues through data and design, the global open platform for data visualization, and Circle of Blue, the leading news organization reporting global water challenges, issue an ambitious and rapid-fire call to designers, data experts and visualizers to tap into the world’s stream of water data. The international contest, which offers a $5,000 cash prize, challenges cross-disciplinary thinkers and cutting-edge creative teams to use and display data to reveal new ways of understanding trends and patterns, complex systems and relationships.

The Topic: Urban water & sanitation
• connections between water and infrastructure capacities in cities
• the effects of climate change on urban water supplies
• urban water systems and sources
• water quality and water pricing
• water management and city planning
• innovation
• urban water data

Sample projects

Participants might explore:

Access to safe water and sanitation, and the relationship to education, GDP and other indicators;

New ways to map and track water climatological changes in the U.S. Great Lakes region, which supplies water to more than 40 million people, and comparing the Great Lakes to other parts of the world.

How urban areas use and manage water. Participants might tap into massive streams of live information from major river flows and aquifers that feed major metropolitan areas such as Mexico City or Los Angeles.

Asia’s water challenges — more than a billion people live downstream from the Himalayan glacial melt. How will climate change affect these flows and how will urban areas monitor and prepare for a potentially drier future?

Relationships between disease, water and climate.

Urban water management and the quality of available water data.

Financing water infrastructure.

How to participate
Sign up online at <>
Visit the water challenge on <>  for more information and data
Visit Circle of Blue’s resource site at for more data and ideas.
Submit your visualization at <>

This is a rapid-fire competition.
It opens on Monday, February 21st; the competition closes March 18 and winners will be announced on World Water Day, March 22.

Entries will be judged by a diverse panel of water and data experts, and information designers.
The winning entry will receive a $5,000 cash prize provided by GE.

Past challenges
Past challenges have compared life expectancies, explored the relationship between green space and health, charted relationships between agriculture and resources, and showed relationships between the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Councils.

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